Tax Consulting

How We Can Help

Complex tax laws can make life difficult for professional practitioners who constantly have a variety of demands placed upon them. Tax Strategies’ role is to help ease some of those pressures, by advising on how best to sort through the maze. We have the expertise to devise clear strategies for both simple and complex issues and to arrange their implementation – but sometimes a practitioner might simply need confirmation that their idea will work or some help to refine the technical aspects of an idea or strategy.

Tax Strategies does not prepare income tax returns or provide accounting or legal services. Our role is advisory only, although documentation required in conjunction with advice that we provide is arranged from our associated law firm, TS Lawyers.

Tax is a very broad discipline and we have expertise in many areas. Some of the more common matters in which our help is sought include:

  • structuring for a business acquisition
  • checking and maximising application of the small business CGT concessions for a potential future business sale
  • the potential application of Division 7A
  • specific technical questions about the assessability/deductibility of particular items
  • potential investments for SMSFs and limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • restructuring of a family business or investment structure and advising on relevant CGT, duty and GST implications
  • family succession planning for business and investment assets
  • strategies to reduce risk.

The Way We Work

We understand that practitioners have a very thorough understanding of each client’s background, as well as background knowledge of the technical issues needing to be addressed and the facts that are important to be considered. That is one of the many good reasons for our strict rule not to have direct dealings with your clients. Although a meeting or teleconference with a client might sometimes be necessary, that will be relatively rare and will occur only with our instructing practitioner's participation. You will consequently always remain the point of contact for your client and remain closely involved in respect of any advice or other services that we provide.

Tax Strategies’ domain principally involves work for the benefit of a particular family or business – we do not act as lead professionals where arm's-length negotiations are required. For instance, we commonly provide advice to accountants and solicitors in relation to the sale of a business, but do not directly negotiate the documentation and terms of sale with the purchaser's advisers. Some of our briefs are very substantial. But, at the other end of the scale, a relatively short point may be able to be dealt with far more simply – a telephone discussion, perhaps with some brief checking and confirmation to follow. We are happy to provide estimates of fees where possible but, for some matters, a budget to devise potential strategies is necessary in order to establish the scope of what work is to be performed.

TS Lawyers

Tax Strategies is supported by TS Lawyers, its associated law firm. Like Tax Strategies, TS Lawyers does not offer general services to the public nor does it provide conveyancing, litigation or most of the other legal services commonly provided by most law firms – it is retained by Tax Strategies solely to assist in the conduct of Tax Strategies' specialist tax consulting practice.