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  • Problems with wide beneficiary classes in discretionary trusts

    Widely drafted beneficiary classes in discretionary trusts can create headaches in dealing with various State taxes. A recent example is Victoria’s new 3% additional duty on foreign buyers of residential property – where a trustee is the buyer and a family beneficiary lives overseas. A starker example that applies in all States and Territories is payroll tax grouping of businesses controlled by family relatives, where at least one of the businesses is operated by a discretionary trust.

    Having extraordinarily wide beneficiary classes is an outdated practice that creates problems, rather than serving any useful purpose. There is really no point in including a whole range of relatives who are never intended to benefit. A narrow class of beneficiaries is required, with a simple and practical mechanism to add others to whom it is desired to distribute.

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    17 Feb 2016

    Topic: Trusts/Business and investment structures/State Taxes