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Tax Solutions is a series of videos giving you practical solutions and tips for issues that commonly arise in tax practice - pure tax matters as well as associated planning solutions for business and investment structures, trusts, SMSFs, etc. Please click on the links below for recent issues. You may also like to peruse Tax Solutions by topic category - topics are listed below to the right.

Please note that the information provided in Tax Solutions is of a general nature only and should not be acted upon without specific advice based on the precise facts and circumstances of a particular taxpayer.

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  • How to Fail in Tax Planning

    Tax planning arrangements can fail for a number of reasons. One of those reasons has little to do with technical tax rules. With a real-life example, this episode of Tax Solutions illustrates how tax planning can go wrong because of a fatal legal flaw in the underlying transactions or circumstances on which the tax plan is based. With the result that the practitioner involved is highly exposed. 

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    06 Jun 2016

    Topic: CGT/Income tax/Business and investment structures/Trusts